Sao-Mai’s BioNetwork Story

“This was my first time attending BioNetwork West and while at first I was taken aback by the intimate setting, I quickly understood that it afforded us the opportunity to get some quality feedback on our strategies.”

Sao-Mai’s Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2016

How She’s Participated: Attendee

The opportunity to meet and greet with the best in the industry was too good to pass up!

This was the first time my colleague and I attended a BioNetwork event. We had researched a bunch of events in the industry because we were looking for some critical feedback for our strategies and to make connections for research collaborations. We decided on BioNetwork because it gave us the opportunity to meet exactly the kind of people we were looking to work with in the future. What ultimately impressed us was the quality of time we spent building relationships rather than just adding a name to a list. It really helped us gain the kind of comprehensive feedback we were looking for as well as make the connections to partner on future collaborations.

Second reason for attending – content of the presentations.

I know that the main goal of the conference was to get people to network with each other. But we were also interested in the content of the presentations. We were particularly interested in what companies like Johnson & Johnson and Teva had to say about early tech development…..and then meet with them in person to have a conversation on what they shared!


What ultimately makes BioNetwork the perfect event – the intimate setting, the seamless networking and the collaborative spirit of the people who attend. I wouldn’t want to miss it in 2019!