Paul Resnick’s BioNetwork Story

“I’ve been a fan of BioNetwork since 2010! My job is all about making connections…and the networking offered at this event is by far better than any other event.”


Paul’s Story At a Glance

First Year Attended: 2010

How He’s Participated: Attendee and Speaker

The caliber of people and the location of the event – the combination of these two makes BioNetwork a MUST attend event for me!

Since the time I started attending BioNetwork West, I’ve switched to three different companies and attended a whole bunch of other events, including BIO and BIO Europe. But, in my opinion, BioNetwork is the place I’ve done the majority of any meaningful networking. I’ve always found it to be a meeting of the best minds in the business in a setting that allows for relationship building.

It’s worth making room in my budget and on my calendar.

In our industry, deals are not made overnight…they require time and investment. And what helps is making connections with the best in the business. I find that I’ve made more lasting connections at BioNetwork because of the emphasis on informal networking. The format of the one-on-one meetings, the beautiful location and the quality of people that attend every year enable cohesive partnerships beyond just industry deals.


I’ll be back in 2019 to continue catching up with friends at BioNetwork!