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Big3Bio is the leading aggregator service for the top three life science hubs in the world: Boston, San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Big3Bio’s newsletters and additional channels provide complete, daily coverage of the news, events, jobs, and developments in these regions to the industry’s top professionals and... Read More

Bioprocess Online

Bioprocess OnlineBioprocess Online is the leading source of technical information, industry knowledge, and content for the biotherapeutic community. If you are a bioprocess engineer, scientist, bioprocessing manager, biotechnology producer, consultant, QA/QC, project manager, director, purchaser, marketer, or if you are involved in biopharm supply chain or facilities management, you now... Read More

California Life Sciences Association

About California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) is the state’s strongest and most influential life sciences advocacy and business leadership organization. With offices in Sacramento, South San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Washington DC, CLSA works closely with industry, government, academia, and others to shape... Read More

Drug Discovery Online

Drug Discovery Online is your single source for everything related to discovery and early stage drug development. Our content includes news and opinions on the latest discovery technologies, from organic synthesis and the manual isolation of new compounds to combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening. The site will provide you... Read More

Georgia Bio

Georgia Bio is the state's life science industry association whose members include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, medical centers, universities, and research institutes, government groups, and other business organizations involved in the development of life sciences related products and services. Read More

Global Pharma Update

Global Pharma Update is an online information source dedicated to the Pharmaceutical Industry, providing all the news and analysis needed by the top decision-makers in this dynamic, fast-moving Pharma sector. In an industry where change comes fast and from many directions, a steady source of insightful and pertinent analysis is... Read More

Laboratory Network

At Laboratory Network, you will find information about laboratory chemicals, systems, services and equipment, including analytical instruments, computer hardware and software, chromatography equipment, separation systems and filtration systems, liquid handling equipment and more. Laboratory Network's news content includes coverage of R&D development, regulatory issues, and industry trends. Read More

Pharma Journalist

Pharma Journalist is a paramount B2b online magazine platform exhibiting targeted and succinct information concerning the world of Pharmaceutical Industry therefore keeping a tab on the updated and latest updates and trends concerning the field. Our widespread and market specific content write-ups cater to Industry professionals intending to keep pace... Read More

Pharma News HQ

Pharma News HQ, the journal dedicated to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical contract services. With regular sections on contract manufacturing, contract research, contract packaging, formulation/development services, contract analytical testing, APIs, stability testing, clinical research and other areas, we bring the most complete coverage of trends and issues in the industry. Read More

Pharmaceutical Online

The Information Source for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing IndustryPharmaceutical Online, part of the Life Science Connect media group, provides the pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging industry with exclusive and actionable information to help industry members tackle the challenge of bringing life-saving and life-improving therapies to market. Browse our articles, case studies, and... Read More


Pharmalicensing ( is the premier biopharmaceutical Open Innovation resource designed for professionals involved with partnering, licensing and business development worldwide. Actively supporting all forms of partnering and in- and out-licensing activities, Pharmalicensing utilizes the unique online Showcase Profiling & Discover services, as well as its renowned Partnering Search service leveraging... Read More


PharmaVOICE magazine reaches more than 46,000 BPA qualified subscribers and 60,000 users with its digital edition. PharmaVOICE is the forum that allows business leaders to engage in a candid dialogue on the challenges and trends impacting the industry. PharmaVOICE provides readers with insightful and thought-provoking commentary in a multiple-perspective format... Read More

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